With all the craziness in this world you’ve taken a moment to stop here and read this page, thank you!

What led you here? Your intentions are my best bet. Something, maybe that small voice inside of your head, told you you were looking for something today to help you to help yourself. Well here we are! Meeting for the very first time and I am so happy you’re here! Welcome to SELFKIND a place to come together to let the world know, one human at a time, that there is time for each of us in every day to be good to ourselves.

SELFKIND was born out of the hustle and bustle of New York City, the struggle to feel relevant and somehow taking one to many turns away from ones true self.  SELFKIND was born from one to many conversations with friends about dislikes about something I was, one to many moments where I was with family and doubted the path I chose to take and to many relationships to count where I tried to force my purpose to be taking care of others. To be honest, it wasn’t a wake up one morning and wallah I believe exactly who I’m suppose to be and why moment. No, SELFKIND, is a series of moments and experiences, it is a process and the evolution of one bold move forward. The many ways that I can help direct myself toward kindness will come in many forms and I’m so excited to put them out there for you all to explore alongside me.

The truth is that SELFKIND isn’t really something I can teach as it’s something I’m still learning, too. Yet, it is a path in which I’ve moved the first branch, I’ve swept a walkway a few feet in front of me and I’m prepared to continue to explore and learn from different people, different places, taking wrong turns and finding out why. It is on this day that I invite you to walk along side me and take this step toward learning how we, individually, are so wonderful, magical and unique. I look forward to sharing my adventure with you and hope you’ll share with me as well!

Kindness warriors, here we go! Step one on a very unknown path… are you with me?